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Provisional schedule for the SCI volunteers in West Bank - 2013

Publié le Sunday 3 March 2013

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Preparation: 10th to 14th March

Preparation of the arrival of the SCI volunteers and administrative work: checkup with the french consulate, bank account opening, contact with the palestinian partners, ...

Arrival: 14th & 15th March

The SCI volunteers arrives the 14th and the 15th March. We fetch them at the airport group by group and then organize activities centered on environnement discovery. Meeting time to discuss the arrival and the first steps in Palestine and time to write and upload on the blog.

al-Qods discovery: 14th or 15th March to 18th March

Visits and tours with associations: African Community Center, AIC, Burj Laq-Laq center, Tarabut, Popular Struggle Commitee of Silwan, ...Blog time to write about the visits.

Nablus: 18th to 22th March

Discovery of Nablus, both the environment and the partners: visit of the Old City, meeting with HSA and Keffieh Center, visit of camps (’Askar, Balata, ...), trip to Anabta and Tulkarem. Meeting time every evening to discuss about the day and to write on the blog. First girls only & boys only meeting.

Betlehem: 22th to 28th March

Discovery of Betlehem & Betlehem partners: visit of Deishé, visit of the city, tour of the colonisation around Betlehem with Lailaq, trip to Hebron and Abu Dis. Meeting time every evening to discuss about the day and to write on the blog.

Immersion: 28th March to 10th April

Starting from this moment, the group splits depending on where each person is living: Nablus or Betlehem. This period is meant to have each SCI volunteer start to really discover the associations: participate to activities, learn about the ongoing projects, ... The volunteers start to live in the guesthouses and to be autonomous in everyday life in West Bank. Meeting to discuss collective organization in the guesthouses (cleaning, cooking, ...). Tutoring time set up for each volunteer. Writing time to produce content on the blog.

Visit from the tutors: 8th March to 14th April

Clementine and Marine are coming to check on the progress of the program, so a collective seminar is organized with all the volunteers to discuss about the situation so far and to start working and the individuals projets of the volunteers for the coming month. Tutoring time for each volunteer with Clementine or Marine.

Training/seminar: 13th & 14th April

Seminar will focus on:

  • reflexion on cross-cultural projects
  • feedback from the immersion time
  • personal and collective assessment
  • project analysis
  • everyday issues and problems (about housing, about transport, ...)
  • gender (boys-only & girls-only meeting)

Project work: 10th April to the end

All the SCI volunteers start to work on their individual project. Tutoring time is set up to support them during the month.

Preparation of actions in France during the last fifteen days (starting from April 28th)

During the last fifteen days, volunteers should start to prepare actions in France for when they go back. Actions are based on their experience in West Bank and aim to inform and report to the general public about what they lived during their weeks in Palestine.

Departure : 14th & 15th May

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