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TAMO ( Mirror of the world )

Publié le Friday 3 May 2019

TAMO Space.

Welcoming the youth who doesn’t have papers in France " immigrants " for three days, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. and sometimes activities during the weekend, Tuesday and Thursday.

TAMO 104 is a part of the international section in CEMEA 102.

I started working in TAMO in October when i first started my EVS, it was a little bit hard to communicate with everybody because i didn’t reach the French language at all. but i loved to work with them, so motivated and i am still, because we have something mutual between all of us, as Palestine and Africa. we all have different stories of being Refugee, suffering in our countries, risking our life and being occupaited.

whats happening in Palestine right now, happening in several countries in Africa, not all the same reasons but all same results.

right now i improved my French language so much better, and i am able to communicate, exchange, do activity, share ideas ...
this always makes me feel better, Dance, football, wood workshops, music, ... and all activities we do together. we don’t have the power to help with papers problem, but we have the power as the TEAM OF TAMO to live, have fun and enjoy our life through this activities.

WE DIDN’T CHOOSE TO BE REFUGEES. and with TAMO we feel Humans.
Thanks TAMO, Thanks CEMEA.

Abuserriya, Majd.

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