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EVS Seminar

Publié le mercredi 29 mai 2019

Group of 30 persons between 22-29 years old, different nationalities, different cultures, and different spoken language. who all has the same experience in France, European Voluntary Service.

We started to reach Narbonne.

introduce your self and what is your experience more than 10 times at the first day, because we don’t reach all together, so in each time there is a group reach you repeat the same thing as you said for the group before.
Even if we knew that we will all introduce our selves in the first big meeting with the educators, but we are already excited to speak about it, its a huge opportunity and so much informations in this experience.
so you feel proud in each time you are saying it for somebody else.
Its an activities for 4 days for several objectives,

- exploring the French culture.
- improving the French language.
- Meet new people, share experience and exchange cultures.
- being aware more of the Voluntary.
- the expectation of the EVS.
- how could the EVS helps you in your professional and personal life after.
- discover things and means to live easier during your Voluntary.
- speak more and more about Erasmus+.
- present your association and your missions.
- evaluate your ability and your new skills.
- organising yourself in profession way.
and many objectives that helps me and am sure it helps others too.
for me personally it so interesting so much, improved my skills and the Seminar take a really huge Part of your Voluntary.

Abuserriya, Majd.

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