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Beginning without end

Publié le mardi 1er octobre 2019

Dancer & Volunteer l started this trip when l was 13 and now I am 19 years old. I am from Palestine, I am a Volunteer in many Palestinian associations but one of Associations is different for me, my second home called H.S.A. They support me in a lot of thinks about Volunteer activities, dance space, leadership experience, and exchange culture.

Hi. Now I am writing this letter to people who love to travel and volunteer, it is very beautiful and calm and active I am talking about France specifically Nantes. It is a very pious good enthusiastic start. I was initially afraid, to be honest, I expected to deal different, different reactions, difficult Communion, but suddenly everything was completely different, their reception was nice, a lot of nice words.

I knew before about the world of volunteering but expected and every day discovered that the world of volunteering is more beautiful and bigger than I expected. Fortunately, I had this experience, and now I feel full freedom I really feel at home with the family, really let me tell you frying For some things that may be useful to you, travel is not difficult, experience living without family teaches you a lot of new things, go out and walk in all the places you do not know, smile for everyone, ride the city train and let him walk far away, lose the road and ask people on the street to help you.
And here you learn, try everything and not be afraid, make new friends everywhere, I’m really happy to face me also difficult things but turned it into easy things, do not worry.

And the most beautiful thing I saw in Nantes is that you can dance everywhere and all the time this was a very big thing. You feel freer and smiles than people on the street, Dance centers, advertisements, and many events, this really makes me more than happy. I really thank everyone who helped me and everyone who supported me thanks to my family, thanks to my friends, thanks Human support and Cemea, thank who reads, soon wait for me in a beautiful video about the city and dance.
I do not want to speak much, but in Nantes Every place where I saw all the cultures of Arab, American and Asian, you also hear all the languages ​​and the next news will be in French because I will learn the language. thank you


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