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Time to try

Publié le mardi 1er octobre 2019

My name is Amro, a Palestinian volunteer in HSA in Nablus city, a new volunteer in Cemea pay de la Loire association in Nantes. I am going to tell you my first experience of travelling and being outside my home.

Ever since I started to study English Language and literature for foreign learners in a local university, I wished to get a scholarship to be in a foreign country to experience new and strange habits, which will give me a new idea about being outside my comfort zone in Palestine. I applied for many scholarships, but unfortunately things didn’t get well until I saw an advertisement on Facebook calling me ‘ If you want to spend your next 8 months in France doing a voluntary civic service, apply now !’ and yes, I did apply and after few days I have been accepted to be outside Palestine for the very first time. Preparations goes very good and a strange feeling I had, it was like I was just dreaming. Pausing my study, saying “ see you soon “ to the people I love and waking up on the last morning in my city were the most strange feel that I ever felt before.

Palestinian Jordanian borders, passing through Queen Alia airport and yes I am getting my flight ticket to fly in the sky. I made my way through all the vigorous airport security procedures, and down towards the terminal. While waiting for the plane, my heart started pounding quickly and loudly, and I felt as if there were butterflies in my stomach. When it was time to board, I dragged my backpack along the carpet floor and into the corridor. As I walked into the long hallway, I glanced up and noticed the sign telling me I could get on. I said to myself, “I’ll soon be in the air for the first time”. I watched as swarms of people walk pass me and the excitement started building up inside me. After I entered, I found my seat easily and went looking out from the window. Later on, I heard the captain announcement “ we had arrived the French sky and then, it was unforgettable moment when I saw Eiffel tower from the window and my mouth just saying “ Wow “. The wheels of the plane round and round landing at CDG Airport in the capital of France, Paris. I was so lucky since my first step in Europe was in France.

As far back as I was a little kid, I imagined about voyaging abroad. Weird grounds, energizing spots, and new societies have constantly entranced me. I’ve generally thought about what it resembles to communicate in another dialect, to grow up learning various traditions, or to live in a totally unexpected manner in comparison to what I do few days ago. This past week my dream finally came true. I got to travel to Jordan, passing through Saudi Arabia to the French Republic.

From Paris to Nantes on the train for my first time being on a train. Finally, we arrived Nantes after 36 hours trip, but for me it was worth that much. Before we get out of the train, a message has arrived to my phone “ we are waiting you in the station, hope you’ve enjoyed your trip.” It was from my new family in Nantes, my friends in Cemea, welcoming me warmly with a big hug and beautiful smile saying to us “ Welcome in Nantes “ .

After we arrived Cemea building, getting know to the associations in the same building, and letting us to feel home after a long journey far away from our home. They introduced the programs and activities that Cemea is involved in and then they explain for us why it is important to be here. The team helped us to buy our new food, and let us to get rest after this joyful trip.

“Islam“ – my friend who is engaged with the same voluntary program – and me can’t wait to start our mission, helping children and immigrants, giving Arabic and English language lessons and talking about our association and our country as well to the people who are interested here in Nantes

Thanks return to HSA which has nominated my name for this opportunity, and for Cemea association and its volunteer who helped us from the very first second in France.

I hope I will post a new article talking about my first month in Nantes. I wish to give this city as it did to me.

Thank you


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