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Le départ. (English version)

Publié le Tuesday 7 May 2013

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I leave in less than a week.

Each day I’m spending there is the last one. Monday was my last Monday ; Tuesday is my last Tuesday ; Wednesday will be my last Wednesday. Today is my last today.

Are each action the last one ? The last falafel ? The muezzin ?
Do I see you for the last time ? Pain.

I’m under twice the stress than at the time of the departure.
The departure, the advice, the fear of my parents, the one of my friends. The apprehension about the airport, the jet lag and about the food.
Not enough to prevent us from sleeping (=.

And now what ? Leave each other isn’t it ? Leave those new relationships, strong and solid ones. Our friends, the weather, the grocer from around the corner and the vegetable seller, the boxe teacher, the hill of the desert, political discussions, children, the swarming of the street, the language. . .

I feel love there and for all of that. A love which I was expecting ? A love for all these things and a lot more.

And that is preventing me from sleeping.

And thas, this love is being transformed. Into fear. The airport =s. Into strenght. My engagement ! Into pride. My legitimacy !

The religious tourtists, the soldiers. No regret.
We leave the situation, but it stays.
It makes me sick.

I feel like I’m abandoning them. But abandon them to what ? To their life ?
No we abandon nobody; we did not know it existed before. Not like that, no so personnaly.

What I want is to continue to live with them.

Witt. L

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